Creative personal projects that were filmed and produced by me.

Daily we carry these consistent images of our people being hunted & we’ve had enough! We carry these reminders as we move throughout our daily lives, can we do anything while black?! These will never be justified actions by our oppressor.


We follow a Charlotte, NC based step team as they build their team and prepare for a competition. We examine how escalating violence are effecting these young lives and how the team has kept many of them off the street.


A short film music video of artist Lewis E. Marie.

How his Past, Present and Future has "forced" him to pursue his music career one way or another. 

Raider Traitor: Untold & Unseen (Part I)

As a former cheerleader, Chamber Choir member, student section screamer.... Raider.

 South Point High School in Belmont NC. has reached a divide over what many petition signatures fighting to remove a racist Red Raider mascot that imitates a Native American. While others believe the mascot is tradition and is meant to serve as a prideful rendition of Native American Culture

Raider Traitor: Untold &Unseen Part II

 “Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” -Martin Luther King Jr

We sit with a few black students from South Point High School in Belmont, NC and talk about their unique experiences, during their respective years.

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